clinical masks

Equipment of mask

Mask is used to protect from diseases and spreading etc. The mask is mainly used in medical and some mask are used in medical purposes like an oxygen mask, anesthetic mask, burn mask, surgical mask, face shield, pocket mask, and clinical masks

Medical equipment

  • The oxygen mask is a piece of medical equipment and breathing
  • Anaesthetic mask is used in the medical field
  • Burn mask, a piece of a medical instrument that protects from tissue from contact with other surface and minimum risk of infection
  • A surgical mask is a piece of medical equipment that helps to protect
  • The face shield is a piece of medical equipment that helps professional from bodily fluids
  • A pocket mask is a piece of medical equipment used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.
  • The mask is protective of the piece of equipment worn on the head and face to afford protection of the wearer and it usually has these functions


clinical masks

Protect from the supplies of air or filtering the external air. Protecting the face opposite to flying objects or dangerous environment, while allowing the vision. The safety mask will often have a secondary function to make the wearer and more impressive and mask are sometimes used to avoid recognition and it can be protected from others and there are diverse types of masks with different equipment. The filter mask is used for a piece of safety equipment. A full-face diving mask is used to self-contained breathing apparatus for divers and others. The gas mask is the mask that is used to protect from airborne pollutants and toxic materials. An oxygen mask is used in medicine to deliver ox, gen, anesthetic, or anesthetic to patients. Welding masks are used to protect the welder’s face and eyes from the bright anesthetic created during the welding. Other specs of the buccal mask, death mask, facial mask, life mask, animal roleplay facemask.

  • A buccal mask is a facemask that covers only the cheeks and mouth
  • A death mask is a mask that is used to face the recently deceased person.
  • A facial mask is a cover the face mask and not a solid or as therapy for skin treaties.
  • A life facemask is a plaster cast of a face used to make a painting or sculptures
  • An animal role-play mask is used for the mob to create more animals like images.

A surgical mask is mainly to be worn from the professional during surgery and certain health care procedures in general public communication and home setting, the use of the face masks and respirators are not recommended with other measures preferred to avoid close contact and maintaining a good hand hygiene

A surgical mask is most popular in east Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to chance the spreading of airborne disease and other diseases more recently used due to the rising of smog in the south and southeast surgical air filtering surgical mask are now most frequently used in major cities in India, Nepal, and Thailand to avoid the disease many companies have released the mask that not only prevents the breathing in the airborne dust particles but also a fashionable a surgical mask is created a physical struggle between the nose and mouth of the user and strength contaminants in the immediate environment and a surgical mask by design that does not filter or block very small in the air that may be transmitted by coughs, sneezes.