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The Best Window Blinds You Can Be Sure Of

The purchase of customized window decoration requires attention. The purchase of window decoration can be a little exciting for some. Because it is tailor-made especially for you, you cannot exchange it for a moment. You must, therefore, ensure that you have measured the correct dimensions. This time we explain what you should pay attention to when purchasing custom aluminum window blinds sacramento .

Which slat width fits my interior?

Okay, so they become aluminum blinds. But then we are not there yet. Which size did slats fit best in your interior? Is it custom made 16mm, 25mm or 50mm aluminum blinds? 16mm aluminum blinds are best suited for small windows or for mounting on the door. This slat width is, thanks to its refined appearance, often used in a Scandinavian interior.

With large windows, 50 mm aluminum blinds are very beautiful, because they accentuate the width of the room nicely. In addition, this louver width has a similar appearance as the 50 mm wooden blinds but is slightly cheaper. We see this slat width mainly reflected in the industrial interior, thanks to the rugged look.

window blinds sacramento

Finally, the 25mm aluminum blinds. This slat width works well in almost every interior. In a matte gray shade, 25 mm blinds will look great in an industrial interior. In a powder pink, lacquered version, the blind is well suited for a Scandinavian interior.

Choosing the right color

To ensure a nice unity in the interior, choosing the right color is very important. What color is predominant in your interior? Or which living trend have you applied? All factors that you should take into account when choosing the right color.

With a Scandinavian interior, slats in a pastel shade ensure a nice unity. The color palette of this living trend consists of off-white, powder pink, light blue, beige and cream. It is mainly soft, light colors that are used. Especially the slats with satin gloss look great in an interior like this.

Dark tones are recommended for an industrial interior. Matt’s interior slats are particularly attractive in this style of interior design, as this enhances the rugged effect. Colors such as gray, black, brown and blue in a dark version fit perfectly into this living trend.

Do you not know which color will look great in your interior? We are happy to help you choose the right color. You can request 5 color swatches free of charge and without obligation. Looking for a certain shade or color? State your wish when requesting your color samples. We can compile a beautiful sample set based on your wishes.

The assembly and operation

Something that needs to be carefully monitored is the desired assembly. An aluminum blind can be delivered both in the day and on the day. When mounted in the day, the blind is mounted in the frame, between the walls or against the ceiling. When mounted on the day, the blind is mounted on the wall. Can you not figure it out completely? Then the measurement instruction may offer additional clarity.

In addition, the side of the service is something that is easily overlooked. However, it may cause some inconvenience if the controls are not placed on the side that you had in mind. It will be obvious that the choice of pulling and tumbling on the right-hand side is chosen when the control on the left-hand side can cause some inconvenience and vice versa.