Daintree Condo

The complete information on Daintree residence!

Daintree residence is said to be one of the hottest contested residential sites ever. But despite being this cool and hottest residential site between the property owners. Daintree Residence residence is not so [opular among the home buyers. That is even if it is a popular residential site it is not so popular in the homebuyers area. Daintree resident has almost 327 units. But out of these 327 units, only 69nunits have got sold will November 2019. Therefore we can clearly see that something is not so good with this Daintree residence that is why people are not hoarding into this type of famous residential property.

Daintree Residences

The residential market watchers said that it was actually stunning to see that this good residential property like Daintree condo being bid for a very low rate. It was actually bewildering exclaimed the marketers. There was an intense competition between the developers of the Daintree resident property. This competition was because the value for the lands bank was depleting and therefore the bids we accepted and received. This immense competition between the developers of the Daintree made it harder to swell out to the home buyers. Also, there was another residential side called as Toh Tick road which actually sold for a very low price when compared to the Daintree. This was actually affordable when considered to the prices of the Daintree. Actually there were 24 bids in that 110 out of 24 bids were nothing but higher than two hundred million dollars. .

So what’s actually wrong with Daintree Residence?

As said there are quite a lot of developers who are biding for Daintree but whys that there are no home buyers attracted to this Daintree residential site? Was it just a moment of fast action because of the developers? Is Daintree Residence really a good buy and a worthy one?

This article will give you some details on the condominium that has newly launched. The developer of the Daintree residential site is SP Setia Bhd group. Theft is one of the biggest shots in Malaysia. They are also a publicly listed company. They started their construction firm back in the year of 1974. After that they started focusing more on real estate development Then real estate became their main business in the year 1996. Also, besides having real estate as their core business they still focus on the construction site of the business also. They have different types of ventures that involve trading, manufacturing, wood used infrastructure, etc.

S P Setia is a Malaysian company. They have a strong foundation in the 3 key locations in Malaysia. Namely, they are Jojor, Penang, and Sabah. Also, the S P Setia Bhd group is also known globally. They are well established in different countries. These countries include Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, China. They also have their foundation in United kingdom. Japan was the most recent overseas venture for the  SP SSetial group.

Until now, this group has developed and also completed 3 private developments that are residential within Singapore. They are known as 18 Woodsville and Ecosanctuary.