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The influence of soccer on today’s society and its dangers

The World Cup is considered as the largest sports event in the world alongside the Olympics. Thus, according to FIFA, about 1 billion people worldwide in the final of the 2014 World Cup title against Argentina shot.

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The World Cup matches in Russia again provide many full fan miles and pubs, because soccer is known to have enjoyed great popularity in society for many years. In this regard, a TV quota of around 34 million TV viewers was measured in Germany at the 2014 World Cup finals, setting a new TV record. The arsenal palace tickets for sale now really brings you to the best of current game.

The influence of soccer in today’s society

But that’s not the only reason why soccer’s enormous influence can be seen, because in the weeks leading up to the World Cup, fan merchandise around the World Cup or the DFB team was already teeming in the supermarkets. Also readable is the importance of the sport in the social networks. In addition, ARD and ZDF are to pay around $ 218 million for the broadcasting rights of the 2018 World Cup money that will be financed with parts of the broadcasting fee. Thus, every citizen is affected by the great popularity of soccer whether he wants it or not.

The popular sport as an instrument of politics

Politics also seems to be taking advantage of the appeal of soccer, which has repeatedly struck in various parliamentary decisions during major soccer tournaments. For example, an increase in VAT was decided during the 2006 World Cup. In addition, at the 2010 World Cup, the decision was made that the contribution rate for the statutory health insurance will be increased. At that time, 26 MEPs approved a reform of the Reporting Act, which would allow offices to sell citizens’ data to address traders and advertising companies, unless the citizens previously expressly refused to do so.

Although politics cannot be proven to have a negative intention, the timing of these unpopular political decisions was, of course, very deliberate, as millions of people are more likely to focus on soccer rather than politics during a World Cup or European Championship.

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