wedding dj

DJ Bravo before the wedding DJ:

Here Tamilnadu, what is the first thing comes into your mind when you heard about DJ? Frankly speaking, DJ Bravo is a first thing comes into my mind when I heard about DJ. Do you know that who is DJ bravo? We know the two versions of the DJ Bravo. The one is the Caribbean Dwayne bravo. And the one is world-famous songwriter DJ bravo. I talked about DJ bravo only DJ Snake, ok? Don’t confuse with this. But our wedding DJ is something different. First, we should know about DJ bravo and then wedding dj , right? First of all, DJ bravo is Dwayne Bravo. He is a famous Chennai super king’s player but before that, he is a famous West Indian player. He is very famous for his post wicket celebration. If you watch cricket, then definitely you knew about bravo’s celebration. Maybe you are a bravo hater or CSK hater but you can’t his celebration, right? Yes, I was experienced before. Yeah, I was a big fan of Virat Kohli and I love Royal challengers Bangalore but I love bravo’s celebration. That celebration called champion, champion song steps.  He wrote the song and he was a maker of these steps. So, he loves to include these into the cricket also.

wedding dj

The connection between DJ Bravo and wedding DJ:

Did you guys get confused about that I started as a wedding but now I am deriving DJ bravo, right? This is the question that arises your mind, right? But I have my reason. Yes, I am new to this DJ community. But I heard about DJ a lot. Do you know what DJ is? DJ is nothing but it is a disc jockey. Simply telling, a man plays the recording songs for the audience. Then that man called DJ. Yes, they played recorded songs only. They are giving happiness to peoples. Yes, they took the celebration next level. Yes, I am sure now you are guessing about what is wedding DJ, right?

A man who plays the recording songs at a wedding place, then that man called a wedding DJ. But don’t think roughly about our wedding songs. I mean everyone knows that in our place, we played a song for every function. I mean we played a song for wedding function and even dead ceremony too. But this culture is differing from other cultures. Even in other cultures, peoples laugh at this culture. And we can give a smile too. But DJ is different. In our place, we saw DJ’s only at night bars, disco parties, and right? But nowadays we can see DJ peoples at a wedding too. Yes, they are the wedding DJ peoples. The reason behind this is we are ready to adopting and accepting the other culture. And nowadays Bravos champion steps also quite famous in wedding ceremonies. Some peoples take a serious job as a DJ.

A little fact about a wedding DJ:

  • An average wedding DJ person can earn eight dollars per hour at a normal wedding.
  • But they can earn up to seventeen dollars per hour at a grand wedding.
  • Don’t think anything and enjoy the wedding and give Bangra dance for the songs.