roof cleaning in london

Roof and More for the Cleaning Process

Over time, the roof of a house becomes hostage to dust and rain. This brings a dark aspect that impairs the aesthetics of the property. As cleaning the roof is an important task, we have chosen to create a guide that can help you when maintaining the coverage of your property. This is a simple task, but one that requires proper care and use of proper cleaning materials. Learn all about roof washing by reading professional tips for roof cleaning in london .

Safety Tips for Cleaning Roof

roof cleaning in london

Firstly, it is important that the property owner copes well with the height. If you are not comfortable in this situation, you should not perform roof cleaning. The use of proper shoes is very important. Under no circumstances wear shoes with laces or slippers. This may cause you to trip on the laces or slip on the sweat of your feet. Wear a closed boot with non-slip sole.

The use of non-slip gloves is also required. If you become unbalanced, you will need to hold onto something and the sweat on your hands can hurt you. And it is important to note that this roof maintenance cannot be done alone. Always ask someone else’s help to optimize the task and bring cleanliness to safety.

Remember to check if access to the roof carries any risk related to electricity. In some cases, post-placement and wiring can make it difficult to work, requiring you to contact a good professional to perform this maintenance.

Avoid doing this work under a very hot sun. You may suffer from heatstroke, dizziness, pressure drop or fatigue. Begin cleaning early in the morning. If you notice strong winds you need to stop work. In addition to the great chance that you will become unbalanced, objects can fly, causing risks to other people.

To finalize this topic, use a suitable ladder that is in good condition, has wide steps and is fixed to the wall. Do not climb walls or stand on bars to gain access to the roof. It is impossible to know the condition of these surfaces, which may be compromised due to the weather.

Surrounding protection

Before you start cleaning the roof, make sure that objects in the yard are covered. This also goes for pools, gardens and vegetable gardens. Dirt from tiles can fall under these locations, causing damage. Also, schedule the cover cleaning for the same day you wash the sidewalk. It is possible for the patio to receive dirt from the roof, so it should be cleaned afterward.

Your home’s gutter will need to be in good working order, draining the wash water without any leaks. If the gutter is in trouble, it is possible that the dirt on the roof runs down the walls, causing a problem for the homeowner. Gutter leaks can be quickly resolved by sealing the small cracks with silicone. Still, this repair must be done by a freshman.

How to clean the roof

One item for roof cleaning that cannot be missed is the pressure washer. Using hoses for this type of task does not always bring good results. Usually, only this device can greatly improve the appearance of tiles, as dirt is caused by dust accumulation, material wear due to rain and animal waste.