Küche Schweiz

Swiss Cuisine At Its Best for You

Swiss cuisine has been influenced by many different peoples and cultures over the years but has nevertheless retained its individuality. There are major differences between the regions. The most famous Zurich dish is Züriger Geschnetzeltes, veal in a wine and cream sauce. Very popular are the different varieties of Würst, sausage. These dishes are often served with rösti , shredded potatoes, which are baked together as one large, thick pancake. The rösti is often mixed with bacon, onions, cheese or apple. This is a part of the Küche Schweiz .

Cheese fondue, the national dish of Switzerland, actually comes from Wallis. Raclette, cheese that you melt in small portions, also comes from that region. Raclette is often served with pickles, spring onions and potatoes. Yet you can get both dishes everywhere in the city, especially in tourist restaurants.

Switzerland is above all known for its cheeses.

Küche Schweiz

Cheese is eaten in many different ways: at breakfast, processed into a salad or a dish or simply as a snack. In total there are more than 400 types of Swiss cheese. Every cheese has its own taste, color and texture. Most cheeses are produced by small family businesses. The most popular of all Swiss cheeses is Emmental. This cheese is very suitable for the fondue. Other well-known cheeses are Gruyère, Tête de Moine, Appenzeller, Sbrinz, Tilsiter, Vacherin Fribourgeois and raclette.

In general, the Swiss have delicious bread. Traditional Swiss bread is Zopf, a soft bread woven together. In the shops you will find a huge variety of cheeses, but also dry sausage and ham are ubiquitous. The Swiss often eat muesli for breakfast. This healthy oatmeal mix was invented at the end of the 19th century by a Swiss, Dr. Bircher-Brenner.

Switzerland is known for its delicious chocolate. There are various tasty chocolate desserts. But other sweets, such as cakes and pastries, also do well here. Mandelfish is an almond cake in the shape of a fish. People often drink mineral water from Swiss sources with their meals. Well-known brands are Henniez, Fontessa, Valser, Passugger and Aproz. A Swiss soft drink is Rivella, which is made with milk whey. The most popular hot drink is coffee, which is drunk in many different ways.

You probably won’t know, but wine is also made in Switzerland. Swiss wine is not exported and therefore does not win any international attention. There are several good wineries in Zurich, with tasty wines from the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Wallis and Neuchâtel. The white wines, in particular, are delicious, with the red you have to be a little more careful. The most popular white wine is the Fendant from Wallis. The best red wine is Dôle, also from Valais.

There are also a number of Swiss spirits, mostly based on fruit from the orchards. Kirsch is a cherry liqueur, Williams are made from pears. Bretzi is a brandy of various types of fruit. In the French-speaking parts, they make pruneau, from plums. In the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, a restaurant is also known as Beiz or Gasthaus. In a Kneipe you can usually go for a simple meal. Stübli usually specializes in a particular dish.


A sausage with a striking, creamy taste that originated in the canton of Glarus, kalberwurst is made with veal, milk, ground crackers, and mild spices. It has a smooth texture and mild taste, and although most sausages are smoked, kalberwurst does not. It is often cooked with onions and gravy.