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Tips you should consider before buying a LED flashlight

If you’re looking for a LED flashlight, you’re not usually looking for cheap ones. Meanwhile, there are so many different manufacturers and suppliers of LED flashlights that the overview is lost and you get annoyed at the end to have bought the wrong thing. These tips will help you avoid buying mistakes and choosing the right flashlight. You can choose the Flashlights Travelgear.vn then.

Selection of the material

The material in an LED flashlight plays a not unrivaled role. For one thing, it’s the material that you hold in your hand. So which you constantly touch. But also the weight of the material is not insignificant not only for hand-held LED flashlights, but especially for LED headlamps.

Long durability of LED flashlights is often equated with aluminum or even stainless steel. Of course, such flashlights are very robust against shock. For metals, but you should pay attention to the weight of the LED flashlight. Although aluminum is considered a lightweight material, it is not exactly easy in contrast to plastics.

Very good lamps are today made of Dural, an aluminum alloy. This alloy is increasingly used in the aerospace sector and has increased strength and hardness. But this is also reflected in the price.

Flashlights Travelgear.vn

With LEd headlamps, it is even more important to the wearing comfort and the weight. Here, not only should the LED lamp be made of lightweight material, but also the belt should be lightweight yet comfortable to wear. Editing plays a big role here. If it presses somewhere, the belt should be adjusted. If this does not solve the problem, the lamp should be replaced.


As soon as the LED flashlight is to be used outside the four walls, the lamp should have certain water tightness.

At least a splash protection should be given. If you hold the LED flashlight in your hand and have to go for a walk with your dog, you should have IPX 7 or 8 waterproofness here. These classes indicate the degree of water tightness of electrical equipment. IPX7 or IPX8 means that the lamp is protected against brief submersion. This means that the lamp can also fall into a puddle or a pool without breaking.

Handle the lamp or forehead holder with headlamps

This tip is, of course, difficult to implement on the internet. Especially before buying, there is no way to test it online. Nevertheless, you should pay attention after the purchase and shortly after the receipt of the goods. How does the lamp hold in your hand? Is this comfortable to hold? Can you feel the weight after a short time? What is the weight distribution?

Check these questions. For example, if you take the lamp with you when you are going for a walk, remember to try it out. You sometimes have to carry the lamp for 30 minutes. Ask yourself if it is still pleasant, and if the lamp can also be kept well with a relaxed arm position.

For headlamps, the belt and the belt material should be checked. Is it pushing somewhere? Can you operate the lamp quickly and easily? Will the LED headlamp be heavy on the head? If these questions are not answered satisfactorily, then return the LEd torch or the LEd headlamp and order a new one. Nothing is worse than an avoidable bad buy.