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Online Affiliate program That You Need to Go for

Pay attention to the commission of affiliate networks. If the “affiliate” practices the CPS scheme, then the commission is usually high 10-50% for the sale. On the one hand, it’s effective, because you only pay for the sale. On the other hand, fewer webmasters will work for you for them it is not so profitable. Let’s figure out how to choose an affiliate program for your online school. The use of the quora partner program is essential there.

Choose a payment scheme

There are two payout schemes that affiliate programs offer webmasters.

CPS (Cost per Sale): a person will receive money for paying for the product through an affiliate link.

quora partner program

CPA (Cost per Action): payment for a specific action – registration, filling out a form, downloading a file.

To sell someone else’s product when choosing a CPS scheme, keep in mind that a person can follow your link, walk around the site and add it to your bookmarks. If he buys later, no longer at your link and you will not receive a commission.

There are several advantages to the system of promotion through affiliate programs:

  • You spend money only on the selected action
  • You decide what actions to pay
  • Control the number of expenses
  • You get free traffic even if the users did not perform the desired action, he still visited the site
  • Lead moderators support
  • No need to contact the mass of sellers, everything is done by the “affiliate”

Examine customers

Register as a webmaster in the program and check what products the network offers to sell. If the affiliate program cooperates with questionable companies, in your opinion, it’s better to look for something else. And vice versa if the list of respected online stores and services, you can relax a bit.

Check reviews

Suppose you made a list of affiliate programs that you would like to work with. Read reviews about them: There are special sites with reviews specifically about “affiliate programs,” for example, “Reviews in Marketing”

Negative reviews can be found by simply typing in the Yandex or Google search bar “Company name plus reviews”. The study not only positive but also negative reviews. Pay attention to their quantity and quality if positive reviews contain only “water” and no specifics, and negative ones tell about fraud with numbers and show screenshots from your partner’s personal accounts, it’s better to beware of such a network.

Check out the webmasters

If you decide to promote your school through affiliate programs, it will not be superfluous to see how the promotion is going. Ask the moderators for examples of creative that they used to promote other companies. If products are promoted through spam or clickbait, consider whether to contact such a company.

Learn Social Activity

Find public affiliate program social networks. Explore information, comments, and discussions. If there is absolutely no activity in social networks, perhaps the platform does not develop and does not attract customers and webmasters.


Update information on affiliate programs, monitor feedback. The exchange may change its owner, financial or other problems begin and you will lose your money. Do not pay attention to the ratings and top of the best affiliate programs often the compilers of such ratings either focus on their own experience or earn on registering users on exchanges from the same top list.